Scammed!: Harvard publishes salted samples [Sarcasm]

Large Pt anomaly in the Greenland ice core points to a cataclysm at the onset of Younger Dryas by George Howard


In yet another scurrilous feat of science sample salting, Dr. Allen West and his so-called “Younger Dryas Boundary Team” have now managed to clandestinely contaminate ice core samples from the Greenland Ice […]

[Update] Swiss Kiss: Nanodiamonds and Iridium independently confirmed at Bern INQUA session on Younger Dryas climate crash

The titles for the talks and posters at the upcoming INQUA session, The Enigmatic Younger Dryas, have been posted for some time. Typical of scientific conferences, the narrative abstract revealing the findings (or musings) of the presenter is posted later, a few weeks before the conference. The abstracts for the conference have […]

Science Trip

Allen West, Unidentified Eminent Scientist and George Howard

Tusk drops all pretense of objectivity, joins YD team for Laramie rodeo

Poster for AMQUA in Laramie, Wyoming, August 12-15, 2010. See here for program.

Firestone's response to Paquay and Surovell papers blogged -- Stafford, Sharma and Courty left out of discussion

Little Bird Update:

A little bird called me to make a couple of points related to my blog last night regarding the (limited) Firestone quotes provided at

1) Rick apparently used “we” inappropriately when claiming Surovell was biased. Other YD team members do not think Surovell was biased — and surely not […]

The PNAS paper that kicked-off the most recent phase of the debate

PNAS 2007


Original YD team poster from Acapulco AGU

Clovis population decline at Younger Dryas?

One of the original 2007 Acapulco AGU posters:

Recent evaluation by the author of the South Carolina Paleoindian point database indicates the substantial presence of a suspected Middle Paleoindian point historically known as Redstone (Cambron and Hulse, 1964; Mason, 1962; Perino, 1968; Williams and Stoltman, 1965). When compared with the known abundance […]

Younger Dryas Boundary: Extraterrestrial or Not? AGU Fall Meeting 2009

I was fortunate to attend the YDB session in San Francisco at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. With a young family and a growing business it is tough — and selfish — to pull away to the West Coast to play scientist two weeks before Christmas. But I did. And I appreciate […]