Loose Goose: The Bos all over the map

Long ago the Tusk noted a fascinating 2010 missive from The Bos concerning the virtue of everyone (else) remaining intellectually flexible. Or, as he put it, having a willingness to “change your mind.” Here is the link and I have copied the text at the bottom.

The Bos’ statement has not aged […]

AGU Fall Meeting Re-Cap Part Two: Tom Stafford's Texas Hill Country Paleo site littered with evidence at start of Younger Dryas

Tom Stafford was an expert among experts at the Fall Meeting. I became aware of Tom Stafford when Redefining the Age of Clovis: Implications for the Peopling of America was published in Science in 2007. He is the Former Director of the Laboratory of AMS Radicarbon Research at University of Colorado. And for more than […]

Firestone's response to Paquay and Surovell papers blogged -- Stafford, Sharma and Courty left out of discussion

Little Bird Update:

A little bird called me to make a couple of points related to my blog last night regarding the (limited) Firestone quotes provided at Anthro.net.

1) Rick apparently used “we” inappropriately when claiming Surovell was biased. Other YD team members do not think Surovell was biased — and surely not […]

Grad student scoops major Journal

It is truly disturbing to see a young grad student do a quick blog for AGU and reveal fundamentally new earth science — while the top writer for Science can sit in the 2nd row and not publish a word.

Dukin’ Out the Younger Dryas Boundary:

The session PP33B. Younger Dryas Boundary: Extraterrestrial Impact or […]

Younger Dryas Boundary: Extraterrestrial or Not? AGU Fall Meeting 2009

I was fortunate to attend the YDB session in San Francisco at the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. With a young family and a growing business it is tough — and selfish — to pull away to the West Coast to play scientist two weeks before Christmas. But I did. And I appreciate […]