Napier: Not So Fast Bos….

ABSTRACT Intersection with the debris of a large (50-100 km) short-period comet during the Upper Palaeolithic provides a satisfactory explanation for the catastrophe of celestial origin which has been postulated to have occurred around 12900 BP, and which pre-saged a return to ice age conditions of duration 1300 years. The Taurid Complex appears to […]

Guest Blog: Rodney Chilton author of 'Sudden Cold: An Examination of the Younger Dryas Cold Reversal'

Rod Chilton, author of the most recent (and perhaps only) comprehensive review of Younger Dryas science, was kind to contribute this fine critique of David Morrison’s recent paper in Skeptical Enquirer. I am reading Rod’s excellent book and look forward to reviewing it soon:

The debate continues as to the cause of […]

Guest Blog: E.P. Grondine's compilation of The First Peoples' accounts of the YD Impacts

From Man and Impacts in the Americas by E.P. Grondine. See here for Ed’s Dead Car Special!


As far as the 10,900 BCE comet impact event, many of the peoples remembered it. I included some of them in my book “Man and Impact in the Americas”, […]

Dead Car Special!: E.P. Grondine offering great book at great price

I am sorry to report that impact researcher, and friend to many on the internet, E.P. Grondine, has fallen on hard times. E.P. has had two calamities, a horrible stroke — and a career as a newspaper science writer. Which is not a popular vocation at the moment. If that’s not bad […]

A GUEST BLOG FROM Han B. Kloosterman: A Catastrophist Manifesto

Photo Jessica Kloosterman, Paris, 2009

Han B. Kloosterman — Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Originally Distributed at the Joint Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, Acapulco, Mexico, May, 2007

Gottfriend Wilhelm Leibniz

Leibniz’ Slogan

Uniformitarianism, the gradualist doctrine in geology, finds its […]