Another informative blog!?!

I came across a well-researched and informative blog today summing up the recent findings and YDB science to date. I was so impressed by Abby Tabor’s post at Science Works Now, “New Evidence for Climate-Changing Cosmic Impact,” I have added a permanent link to her on the side-bar.

Tabor it seems was driven — shudder […]

Breaking: New PNAS Study Claims Black Mat Blast Materials Common To Wetlands

I’ll soon have the actual paper, but below is Sid Perkin’s take at Science Magazine. The news article itself already reveals what appears to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the YDB team’s previous results. The YDB team does not claim the blast spherules are from space. They believe they are terrestrial. The […]

Firestone's response to Paquay and Surovell papers blogged -- Stafford, Sharma and Courty left out of discussion

Little Bird Update:

A little bird called me to make a couple of points related to my blog last night regarding the (limited) Firestone quotes provided at

1) Rick apparently used “we” inappropriately when claiming Surovell was biased. Other YD team members do not think Surovell was biased — and surely not […]

Carolina the Midwest?

Here’s an excellent mash-up of bay LiDAR images Rick Firestone used in a recent article he wrote for the Journal of Cosmology, The Case for the Younger Dryas Extraterrestrial Impact Event: Mammoth, Megafauna and the Clovis Extinction, 12,000 Years Ago.

Why is it excellent? Because perhaps it will inspire people to take this phenomena a […]

The PNAS paper that kicked-off the most recent phase of the debate

PNAS 2007


Original YD team poster from Acapulco AGU

Firestone and Topping 2001

The excitement when this scientific paper was published in 2001 was old news to me, really. I had first heard from William Topping way back in 1998. He was interested in Carolina Bays. Terribly interested. So was another scientist he said, Dr. Richard Firestone. I hit the search on Alta Vista and lo and behold, […]