Typical: Boslough ignores LeCompte


[See comments: Boslough responds!]

Boslough et al’s recent paper gives no less than nine separate citations to Todd Surovell’s 2009 publication: An independent evaluation of the Younger Dryas extra-terrestrial hypothesis. The multiple references are not surprising given that the Surovell paper has become a totem of Boslough and other’s crusade […]

Holy Hagiography!: Boslough “Jonesed” By Sandia Labs

I have seen some fawning press releases in my day but this is the most obsequious schlock I have ever encountered. Mark or his mum must have stayed up real late writing this one. I seriously doubt any synthesis rebuttal paper containing so little original work (What did kill all those animals? Global warming?) has […]

The Tusk: Comments Better than Blog

The recent comments from Jonny on the Tusk are some of the most insightful internet analysis anywhere regarding the orbit of Comet ISON and somewhat related matters. I recommend the developing thread to anyone who cares to stand in awe of intelligence beyond our own.


The painting on the left, by the 17th […]

Younger Dryas Boundary Team flash mobbed by critics in PNAS: Great response

I have to be quick and dirty to get this up. But here are some links to a flurry of new publications, all of them letters, in PNAS this week concerning the YDB hypothesis:

1.) Age models and the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, Maarten Blaauw, Vance T. Holliday, Jacquelyn L. Gill, and Kathleen Nicoll



Beeb Radio: Boslough and Kennett discuss new evidence from Mexico

“If this were the first paper I would have taken it seriously.”

—Mark Boslough, BBC Radio, March 16, 2012

Jim Kennett and Mark Boslough discuss the new evidence from Mexico [8:20]

Tip o’ the Hat to Dennis Cox of A Catastrophe of Comets.


Skeptic Speaks: A Personal Essay from Vance Holliday on the Clovis Comet

Vance Holliday

Vance Holliday was thoughtful to give the Tusk a heads up on his essay first published here at the Argonaut. I have not read it throughly enough to respond myself right now, but I am certain of this: One or more of the dozen key researchers from the […]

Face-off: PBS moderates on-line debate between proponents and detractors of Younger Dryas cosmic impact

From PBS’ NOVA site on the Clovis Comet: “THE ICE AGE EXTINCTION DEBATE (UPDATE) by Evan Hadingham, NOVA Senior Science Editor In Megabeasts’ Sudden Death, NOVA reported on a radical new theory that an extraterrestrial impact devastated North America and other regions at the end of the Ice Age. First aired at a conference […]

Blast from past: YD team member diciplined by Golden State geo board in 2002

I have nothing but an iPhone until later tomorrow. So this post is necessarily brief.

Allen West has taken a hit to his credibility (and to some extent the Tusk’s) from charges by Younger Dryas Hypothesis critics ranging from professional misconduct to falsifying lab results.

As an advocate of Allen’s and someone who has spent […]

Tusk Exclusive: Vance Holliday provides informal critique of the Younger Dryas Boundary theory

Vance Holliday and others in this email exchange have kindly allowed me to post their chatter to the Tusk. I will clean it up later. But for now – here you go…..

On 9/24/2010 2:38 PM, Vance Holliday wrote:


All I asked was why is it that when us skeptics can’t reproduce

data […]

Ellenberger throws gauntlet at feet of NASA's Morrison

Leroy Ellenberger


As you probably know, the Sep/Oct Skeptical Inquirer (whose cover features Martin Gardner) contains letters by Clark Chapman and Paul Hilfinger, reacting to your May/Jun article on the claimed impact at the Younger Dryas boundary (also with a letter from Mark Bosslough commenting on his sidebar […]

Shootout: YDB hypothesis debate at Laramie AMQUA conference

See session proceedings here. Session 5: Comet Impact as the Cause of the Younger Dryas: Pros and Cons Chair: Dan Muhs Allen West 1:00 p.m. Allen West – The Younger Dryas impact controversy: Exploring the competing hypotheses for the deposition of nanodiamonds, magnet c spherules, and other evidence at 12.9 ka Todd Surovell 1:30 […]