TEDx: Graham Hancock on Lost Civilizations and the Younger Dryas Boundary Impact

Comets and the Early Christian Mosaics of Ravenna

Hat Tip to Malaga Bay


Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick: 60 Minutes’ Cooper nails NASA’s Yeomans and Chodas on common asteroid threat

We all know the Tusk enjoys the study of past catastrophes but is less interested in blogging on space borne threats to our future. The intellectual real estate of future apocalypse — Repent! — is too well populated on the internet for us.

But great TV is great […]

2012 Slow Green Fireball Train in UK: Satellite or Meteor Break-Up?

I hate being dragged into these “modern” reports, since the Tusk specializes about this kind of stuff in the ancient past. But the UK event yesterday was really, really cool and I have posted before on these slow greenish fireballs.

Because of the unusually long duration and slow movement, some people […]

3,732,468 viewers can’t be wrong

I came across the video below this morning on a 2012 site. As regular readers may guess, I don’t get too worked up about next year. But as the 2012 worry-warts research their subject, more and more are coming across the YDB group’s field research and incorporating it into their presentations and arguments regarding the […]

TV Show: Clovis Comet

Good cribbed video here on the YouTube of one of the several television programs concerning the Clovis Comet. Unfortunately, it has a promotional URL pasted on the video through about half of the clip.

It is always comforting to see that, despite the best efforts of skeptics who simply want this story to go away […]

BBC on Green Fireball comet