Exploring abrupt climate change and pandemic induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Feel The Burn

Wendy S. Wolbach, Joanne P. Ballard, Paul A. Mayewski, Victor Adedeji, Ted E. Bunch, Richard B. Firestone  Timothy A. French, George A. Howard, Isabel Israde-Alcántara,  John R. Johnson,  David Kimbel,  Charles R. Kinzie, Andrei Kurbatov,  Gunther Kletetschka, Malcolm A. LeCompte, William C. Mahaney, Adrian L. Melott, Abigail Maiorana-Boutilier, Siddhartha Mitra, Christopher R. Moore, William M. Napier,  Jennifer Parlier, Kenneth B. Tankersley, Brian C. Thomas,
James H. Wittke, Allen West,†and James P. Kennett

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