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Hancock and the CRG
George Howard event November 1, 2017 comment 0 Comments

Lord knows, I am no fool. I do not believe in ghosts, aliens (ancient or not), their unidentified craft, homeopathy, organic foods, cults, global warming to any degree of concern, vitamin supplements, vaccine conspiracies — or Democrats. But Hancock is on to SOMETHING! That’s why independents — him and us — came to the same conclusions. His approach is interpretation of cultural material is entirely subject to interpretation, and comes to the same conclusion we do, but then provides some rank speculation.

Our work is geochemical (for the most) and it simalrly reaches at time into identified — but often abused — speculation. (See Firestone, Rick, Supernova, West, Carolina Bays).

Graham breaks these distinctions out well. More to come…