Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

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Welcome to the permanent host page for the most comprehensive bibliography and free paper archive of scientific literature concerning the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis. The effort was compiled in a collaboration between the Tusk and Mr. Marc Young, an Australian Archaeology & Enviro-Sci undergrad who performed most of the meticulous work.

Significantly, this page will include not only the citations of relevant work — but a copy of each and every publication — which are available by clicking the Read It link at the start of each row in the sheet. Marc and I will strive to keep the list and archive up-to-date, which it is, as of May 18, 2021.

In order to indicate the perspective of any individual paper, we have included a labeling system that reflects our interpretation of a given paper’s “stance” on the controversial evidence for a climate-changing cosmic cataclysm ~12,877 years ago. The coloring and categories are as follows:


Supporting papers are those that directly support the notion of a cosmic event at the Younger Dryas Boundary. Some papers are also deemed “Crucial” to reflect their relative importance to the debate, in our estimation, or tentative where they add important context to the debate without directly attributing their findings to the cosmic impact.

Papers marked Critical call into question the cosmic impact hypothesis without providing any convincing primary evidence. These range from opinion pieces to scientific arguments, but ultimately they do not serve to refute the hypothesis.

Refuting papers are those that directly attempt to discredit the hypothesis. Some of these could still be considered to be opinion pieces, but must present evidence intended by the authors to falsify the hypothesis, and put it to bed.

Papers marked Hiawatha contain research related to the Hiawatha crater, which is thought to potentially date to the Younger Dryas onset. While only a maximum age has been obtained for the crater, it has been included as pertinent research. If the crater ends up dating to a different time, these papers will be removed.

These designations are subject to change, and are mostly editorial in nature.

Please review, share, comment, criticize, link to, download and provide suggestions for the ever growing list. Thank you for giving credit to our work if you care to re-post or publish.

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William I. Thomson’s Bibliography of Historical Catastrophism

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