One of the many great things about redesigning a website, as Ioannis Lazarapoulos and I did here in late 2022, is adding new features you always intended to include. Long on my list of to-dos at the Tusk is offering a Free Open Source PowerPoint providing evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact, so that if anyone out there wanted to present on the subject, they had the materials.

Member of a local astronomy club, and it’s your night to present? Grab it and go. Kiwanis wants to know what the hell you are always talking about over lunch? Let them know.

So below I have uploaded two presentations in both .ppt and .pdf. The larger one is based on an older presentation dating to 2011, but I think I have it sufficiently updated with new info. The smaller one is brand new and includes some unannounced discoveries of the Comet Research Group, like shocked quartz in the Younger Dryas Boundary.

These materials are yours if you like, mix and match the slides, modify the content, and go spread the word.