Younger Dryas Impact Evidence

Peer review working?

The science publishing and peer-review process gets a lot of grief, often for good reason. Many fruitful areas of paradigm changing research languish outside the major journals and never pass from the gatekeepers to the printing press. But thankfully the YDIH, despite the controversy and “robust” debate, appears regularly in the world’s top earth science publications. This is a…
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Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence

New study from Argentina: Population crash in the Americas followed Younger Dryas comet impact

Pro Younger Dryas Impact PapersTusk TV

New kid

It is fun to see curious and smart people across the planet learn of our theory, and add content to the internet that allows rational consideration of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis. In a well produced effort, this cat provides some informed science communication. Despite disagreeing with the Tusk on a point or two, it is a middle-of-the-road video, and well worth watching. I look forward to…
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Cosmic Summit speaker videos

Special Event: Randall Carlson Halloween video lecture