Younger Dryas Boundary Team flash mobbed by critics in PNAS: Great response

I have to be quick and dirty to get this up. But here are some links to a flurry of new publications, all of them letters, in PNAS this week concerning the YDB hypothesis:

1.) Age models and the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, Maarten Blaauw, Vance T. Holliday, Jacquelyn L. Gill, and Kathleen Nicoll


The Baillie Years: Catastrophic impacts during human times

Highly recommended reading

Below is a neat little overview of the work of Mike Baillie and others to define a cause for the worldwide climate downturns of: 3195 BC, 2354 BC, 1628 BC, 1159 BC, 207 BC, 44 BC, and 540 AD. It is found here on a website devoted […]


…the Destroyer

Dr. Hermann Burchard, a gentleman Tusk reader, insightful contributor, and emeritus mathematician, suggested I post a paper regarding the Shiva Structure off Mumbai, India, the little known brother of Chicxulub. The question is whether it is a fraternal twin, or younger or older sibling. I say fraternal because it is […]

Now Showing: Tusk TV

It occurred to me that there was no dedicated link on the Tusk to my (poorly produced) videos concerning the YDB hypothesis (mostly from conferences), and other YouTube content regarding our subject, such as full length TV shows, academic lectures, and nutty and not so nutty videos from the public.

So, for your viewing […]

Clovis Comet on BBC and The History Channel

The History Channel has made an entire episode of Prehistorc Megastorms concerning the Younger Dryas Boundary event available on YouTube.

UPDATE: I have also found a full BBC episode concerning the theory which I was entirely unaware of. It makes a nice level headed contrast to the breathless tedium of the History Channel show. Great […]