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Bob Kobres: Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse

Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse

by Bob Kobres Original page here

An earlier version of this article, without some of the illustrations, was published by the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies in the CHRONOLOGY AND CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP 1992, number 1, pp.6-10, ISSN 0951-5984. This version is under GFDL

. . . and […]

Article: Mini-Ice Age debate rocking geology world

Comets are believed by some experts to have wiped out megafauna species THE MONTREAL GAZETTE SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 Link here

The normally peaceable world of geology is currently alive with a fiery debate over the theory that deadly space rocks slammed into Northern Canada about 13,000 years ago, triggering a mini-Ice Age and […]

Article: Chilled Diamonds Shine Light on Comet Collision

Scientists Brave Icy Environment to Find Evidence of Cosmic Cataclysm By Nader Heidari

Published on September 16, 2010

Link here

YDB team member James Kennett views the extraction of diamond-rich ice from the Greenland ice sheet

The 21-person team, which included UCSB professor emeritus James Kennett and his son, University of Oregon geology […]

YDB press release: Scientists discover nanodiamonds in Greenland ice

Scientists discover nanodiamonds in Greenland ice

September 8th, 2010 in Space & Earth / Earth Sciences

( — University of Maine volcanologist Andrei Kurbatov and glaciologist Paul Mayewski, along with 21 other scientists, coauthored a scientific paper released late last month that details the discovery of a layer of nanodiamonds in the Greenland ice sheet, […]

Tusk ends big week in the Big Easy: Fresh posts coming

Skeptic Press Release: Daulton, Pinter and Scott publish finding NO diamonds in Younger Dryas Boundary layer

Impact hypothesis loses its sparkle Shock-synthesized diamonds said to prove a catastrophic impact killed off North American megafauna can’t be found

Link to Press Release from the Washington University in St. Louis

About 12,900 years ago, a sudden cold snap interrupted the gradual warming that had followed the last Ice Age. The cold lasted for […]


Jim Kennett, Malcom LeCompte, Allen West and Tom Stafford (Clockwise from the hat)

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Tusk Exclusive: Bunch makes brief comments on Daulton paper

Ted Bunch

From an email from Bunch to Leroy Ellenberger:

Dear Leroy – not to worry, Dalton is a competent scientist and did what he could do with the materials given to him. The problem lies with Scott and Pinter.

Some brief reasons why the Dalton et al paper is […]