Exploring abrupt climate change and pandemic induced by comets and asteroids during human history

March 2010

Paul Heinrich over at the Hall of Maat provides some fine links on the big cold bangs(s): Direct Links to “Tunguska type blast detected in Antartica” Papers and Articles Below are the direct links to the Antarctica Tunguska articles and papers: Articles are: Clues to Antarctica space blast by Paul Rincon BBC News, [news.bbc.co.uk] Antarctica[..
Sterling K. Webb In  February, 2006, SWRI published this paper in Science announcing the discovery of an new recent asteroid family associated with the asteroid 1270 Datura: http://www.boulder.swri.edu/~bottke/Reprints/Nesvorny_Vok_Bottke_Science_2006_Datura_breakup.pdf    [Tusk will drop on Scribd] A summary of its conclusions:    “The newly identified family is a group of six 1- to 2.5-km-diameter asteroids, whose orbits[..
Numerical simulations show that stony meteorites with masses in the 10*8 to 10*11 kg range may undergo total disruption during atmospheric entry in the lower layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, in a similar manner to the Tunguska event that occurred over Siberia in 1908 [12]. Modelling also show that at a later stage of[..
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