Other Ancient Impacts

Oldie but Goodie: Carolina coast and the UK catastrophically inundated by tsunami circa 1000 AD

It’s a little lazy, but not unknown in blogging circles, to cut yourself some slack and repost old material for new readers. When poking around for an “Oldie but Goodie” to repost, I came across this number from 2012. I post again to inspire some interest from readers — perhaps one of many well credentialed readers — to take a serious look at this…
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Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret behind "Boneyard Alaska"

Ancient airburst over Ohio

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Art imitates Tusk

The cruel irony of this welcome movie should be apparent to Tusk regulars. A satirical blockbuster uses an impending comet impact as a plot device to communicate a deeper message to all humanity that no one listens to scientists who…warn us of climate change. The director reveals his narrative subtext in many interviews, and calls it here,“…the most thinly disguised metaphor in…
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Special Event: Randall Carlson Halloween video lecture

Ancient Apocalypse

Tusk TVYounger Dryas Impact Evidence

Ancient Traumas, Modern Hints

As the Taurid meteor season wanes on the approach of Thanksgiving, I thought it was relevant (and economical) to share a couple of recent videos which present the Taurid phenomena from different, but mutually informative contexts. The first is a ‘live shot,’ and the second is a ‘retrospective,’ if you will. Here is a scary cool mash-up of weather person Ashley Baylor…
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Special Event: Randall Carlson Halloween video lecture

Repost: CRG on TV

Other Ancient ImpactsYounger Dryas Impact Evidence

Comet fragment airburst melts, whips and freezes Chilean desert sands during Younger Dryas

Smithsonian The Independent CNN USA Today In the wake of Halloween last week a very, very scary scientific paper was published. “Widespread glasses generated by cometary fireballs during the late Pleistocene in the Atacama Desert, Chile,” Shultz et al.”(October, 2021) creates a rebuttable presumption that horrific cosmic airbursts — without leaving craters — have…
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Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret behind "Boneyard Alaska"

Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence


RIP Charles Appleton

The trust-but-verify ancient history crowd was devastated last month by the passing of indefatigable YouTube science communicator Charles Appleton. I took it hard like many. But I feel particularly sorry upon his death, and a bit guilty. Not long before Chuck died, I responded to a tweet from LasVegApps with this: WTF?! Have you run out of mysteries or something? Good god man this is a lifelong…
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Tusk Buddies

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