Exploring abrupt climate change and pandemic induced by comets and asteroids during human history

November 2021

NetFlix comet blockbuster most expensive production ever for studio
The cruel irony of this welcome movie should be apparent to Tusk regulars. A satirical blockbuster uses an impending comet impact as a plot device to communicate a deeper message to the planet that no one listens to scientists who….warn us of climate change. The director reveals his subtext in many interviews, and calls…
Deep insights from YouTube
As the Taurid meteor season wanes on the approach of Thanksgiving, I thought it was relevant (and economical) to share a couple of recent videos which present the Taurid phenomena from different, but mutually informative contexts. The first is a ‘live shot,’ and the second is a ‘retrospective,’ if you will….
Horrifying event witnessed by humans -- Brown University says desert glass is from space -- not "grass fires"
In wake of Halloween last week a very, very scary scientific paper was published. “Widespread glasses generated by cometary fireballs during the late Pleistocene in the Atacama Desert, Chile,” creates a rebuttable presumption that horrific cosmic airbursts — without leaving craters — have indeed occurred in human history, a central contention here at the…
GoFundMe established to assist the family
The trust-but-verify ancient history crowd was devastated last month by the passing of indefatigable YouTube science communicator Charles Appleton. I took it hard like many. But I feel particularly sorry upon his death, and a bit guilty. Not long before Chuck died, I responded to a tweet from LasVegApps with this: WTF?! Have you…
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