Journal of Glaciology: Discovery of nanodiamond rich layer in the Greenland ice sheet

discovery of nanodiamond rich layer in the greenland ice sheet


PNAS: No evidence of nanodiamonds in Younger Dryas sediments to support an impact event

no evidence of nanodiamonds in Younger Dryas sediments to support an impact event


Ellenberger throws gauntlet at feet of NASA's Morrison

Leroy Ellenberger


As you probably know, the Sep/Oct Skeptical Inquirer (whose cover features Martin Gardner) contains letters by Clark Chapman and Paul Hilfinger, reacting to your May/Jun article on the claimed impact at the Younger Dryas boundary (also with a letter from Mark Bosslough commenting on his sidebar […]


Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) Sec.201 (b) UNITED STATES HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT CAPABILITIES.—Congress reaffirms the policy stated in section 501(a) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2005 (42 U.S.C. 16761(a)), that the United States shall maintain an uninterrupted capability for human space flight and operations in low-Earth orbit, and beyond, as […]

New Paper: Greenland Ice Sheet shows diamond rich layer at Younger Dryas Boundary

Discovery of a nanodiamond‑rich layer in the Greenland Ice Sheet Andrei V KURBATOV, Paul A MAYEWSKI, Jørgen P STEFFENSEN, et. al.

Accepted 19 August 2010, Journal of Glaciology

Again, again, again and again: Jupiter hit far more often that NASA models predict

Unpredicted Impacts on Jupiter

Video of the event


The Middle of Nowhere

Impact Hypothesis Loses Its Sparkle: Shock-Synthesized Diamonds Said to Prove Catastrophic Impact Killed Off N. American Megafauna Can’t Be Found


Tyrone Daulton is pictured with the transmission electron microscrope he used to search in vain for shock-synthesized nanodiamonds, evidence that a extraterrestrial object such as a meteorite killed off North American megafauna. (Credit: Tyrone […]

Clayton's Craters and other cool stuff in the Western Sahara

I haven’t blogged in a few days while investigating the odd features of the Egyptian-Libyan Sahara. I first started poking around this subject following the announcement of the fresh and appetizing Kamil Crater in the central-western Egyptian Sahara. This got me to looking into the subject of other purported craters in the Sahara. I had […]

Hustle Up Workshop: Week's notice for NASA NEO confab

Michael Braukus Headquarters, Washington 202-358-1979 [email protected] Aug. 2, 2010


NASA Hosts Workshop To Discuss Exploring Near Earth Objects

WASHINGTON — NASA will host an interactive workshop to identify objectives for exploration missions to near-Earth objects, or NEOs, on Aug. 10-11 at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington.

The event will […]