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Independent confirmation: Young bucks at same school double-check National Academy member and YDB author Kennett's nanodiamond claims -- found 'em

Restored from the library fire 1/9/20

 The excavation at Bull Creek, Oklahoma, shows the paleosol — ancient buried soil; the dark black layer in the side of the cliff — that formed during the Younger Dryas. – UCSB   More recently, another group of earth scientists, including UCSB’s Alexander Simms and alumna Hanna Alexander, re-examined the distribution of nanodiamonds in Bull […]

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PNAS: Diamond peak confirmed at YDB -- and Bronze Age collapse, perhaps?

Restored from the library fire 1/9/20

 Table 1. Bement video Earlier GSA abstract Co-author spotlight: Andrew S. Madden Carter, Simms, Benamara…. PNAS Lexus lane? 46,000 hits! Significance In 2007, scientists proposed that the start of the Younger Dryas (YD) chronozone (10,900 radiocarbon years ago) and late Pleistocene extinctions resulted from the explosion of a comet in the earths atmosphere. The ET event, as it is known, is purportedly […]

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Modern Chinese data fits ancient Chinese records: 8th Century event...comet

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A comet collided with the Earth’s atmosphere from the Constellation of Orion on 17 Jan AD 773 with coma stretched across the whole sky and disappeared within one day with ‘dust rain’ in the daytime. — Old Tang Dynasty Book     BBC 2012 Download the PDF file . Download the PDF file . Download […]

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Dutch Crutch: Kloosterman hits field with pit sticks

At home with Han The Tusk has no greater admiration than our’s for Han Kloosterman. The Dutch geologist is a truly indefatigable prospector for the truth. Han has had some recent success in his decades long effort to describe the unique nature of his local expression of the Younger Dryas Boundary, his beloved Usselo Layer. […]

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Oceans to Ice: Marine diatoms found in Greenland ice suggests pummeled planet in 530's AD

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Earlier abstract Link to current abstract Dallas Abbott 2014 Paper on 530’s Event and Marine Diatoms in GISP2 Ice Core

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