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New Light on the Black Death Bonus video to lighten it up This post is for total nerds. So stop here if you have a social life. Below I’ve excerpted a lengthy debate in the comment section of the Tusk concerning the timing and cause of global shocks since the Younger Dryas, in particular the eventful downturns of the last 2022 years. Tusk buddy Jonny McAneny kicked it off in the comment…
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Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret behind "Boneyard Alaska"

Ancient airburst over Ohio

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In praise of intellectual honesty

A little blue bird tweeted this weekend that the Younger Dryas Impact was off her radar since she was “not aware of widespread community acceptance of the proposal.” I’m not aware of any books on that topic – I believe most of the discussion has been in journal articles. I’m also not aware of widespread community acceptance of the proposal so I don’t have much…
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NYT: 6000 word Sunday feature article on the YDI and Comet Research Group

Video Round-up and the Foxhole

Pro Younger Dryas Impact Papers

Premature rejection in science: The case of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

Dr. James Powell published an extraordinary review paper this week revealing and carefully detailing the premature (and pathological imho) rejection of the YDIH. When combined with Martin Sweatman’s work from earlier this year, the whole sorry story of the unprofessional knee jerk opposition to the theory has finally been told. And what a wonderful and welcome documentarian we have in…
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The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis: A Guide for the Perplexed: Marc Young provides a six-part counter-gallop

Scientific Reports: Melted platinum found in Florida swamp marks Younger Dryas cataclysm; Temps reached >3214­°F

Younger Dryas Impact Evidence

Allen West Misdemeanor DISMISSED

ALLEN WEST and the CRITICS About 20 years ago, the geophysical company owned by Allen West was hired to do a water survey for a city in California. At that time, West could legally practice in California as a petroleum geophysicist but was unaware that he needed a specific license to do geophysical surveys for water. The District Attorney (DA) filed charges, claiming West had engaged in “false…
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Comet Research Group kicks off new journal with blockbuster papers

Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence

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Hear! Hear!

Not long ago before the holiday I asked my friend Chandra Wickramasinghe to take a stab at the first video discussion on the Tusk. We were patient with each other, and each requested a delay before we chatted. But it turned out wonderfully, in my humble opinion, and even included a “synchronistic” aspect. The day after our chat — despite his inconvenient and heretical data…
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NYT: 6000 word Sunday feature article on the YDI and Comet Research Group

The Wickramsinghe Affair: Letter of Inquiry