Vance Holliday responds further to Firestone

1 Oct 2010 Richard:

Responses to some of your comments (which are in italics):

Haynes did confirm our evidence for peaks in the magnetic fractions at the YD layer. He found more Ir than we did at nearly any site which is a smoking gun for an impact. He’s nuts if he thinks the Ir […]

Albert Durer's 'Apocalypes'




Tusk Exclusive: Vance Holliday provides informal critique of the Younger Dryas Boundary theory

Vance Holliday and others in this email exchange have kindly allowed me to post their chatter to the Tusk. I will clean it up later. But for now – here you go…..

On 9/24/2010 2:38 PM, Vance Holliday wrote:


All I asked was why is it that when us skeptics can’t reproduce

data […]