Month: July 2011

Layer upon Layer: Dallas Abbott finds cosmic tsunami debris, well inland, throughout Holocene

PROGRAM NOTE: Can anyone “see” the embedded paper below within the window without a click?! For some reason I cannot… UPDATE: I can see it now. I should note, however, that these debris were from something that would have CAUSED a tsunami and then rained from above — not from a wave that reached the […]

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3,732,468 viewers can’t be wrong

I came across the video below this morning on a 2012 site. As regular readers may guess, I don’t get too worked up about next year. But as the 2012 worry-warts research their subject, more and more are coming across the YDB group’s field research and incorporating it into their presentations and arguments regarding the […]

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Wickramasinghe: Death from Above

Check out this great summary paper from the irrepressible Chandra Wickramasinghe.  Wickramasinghe just keeps going and going and going — even without his side-kick Sir Fred Hoyle. Hoyle and Wickramasinghe’s decades-old contention that life evolved in space and spreads via comets is convincing to me.  Not only do they have substantial data indicating this to be the […]

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[Update] Swiss Kiss: Nanodiamonds and Iridium independently confirmed at Bern INQUA session on Younger Dryas climate crash

The titles for the talks and posters at the upcoming INQUA session, The Enigmatic Younger Dryas, have been posted for some time. Typical of scientific conferences, the narrative abstract revealing the findings (or musings) of the presenter is posted later, a few weeks before the conference. The abstracts for the conference have now been published. Here again […]

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