Month: January 2012

Carolina Bays and Peat Fires

But some bays have no peat! “Analysis reveals that, unlike typical, peat-rich Carolina Bays, Howard Bay essentially lacks peat, diatoms, pollen, and other organic materials, and it also lacks substantial silt and clay. That suggests this Bay never held water for a sustained length of time. Furthermore, the presence of extensive eolian sand calls into […]

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Tar Hell: Carolina coast and the UK catastrophically inundated by tsunami circa 1000 AD

I have always been personally curious about the lack of documented evidence for a tsunami ever occuring on my home coast of North Carolina. Some of the largest undersea land slides on earth have been documented off our wonderful Outer Banks, and earthquakes are not completely unknown in the Carolinas. Both cause big waves. But […]

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East To West?: Jersey Big Wave at 12,900 ya

Younger Dryas Tsunami — FULTHORPE–12-18 Ka NJ Channels–Double Tsunamis

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