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Svensson 2020

3.1 The termination of the Younger Dryas…. It has been proposed that the Younger Dryas period/GS-1 was initiated by a cosmic impact, for which there is indirect and debated evidence in a large number of sites in the NH surrounding the North Atlantic region (Kennett et al., 2015). A very significant Platinum (Pt) spike has been identified in the GISP2 ice core (Petaev et al., 2013) and at…
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Comet Research Group kicks off new journal with blockbuster papers

Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence

Pro Younger Dryas Impact PapersTusk TVYounger Dryas Impact Evidence

Sweatman nails it

Program Note: Thanks for your patience with weird glitches here or there as we shakedown a newly installed WordPress engine. Big changes coming soon! Indefatigable genius and digital friend of the Tusk, Dr. Martin Sweatman of the University of Edinburgh, authored a surprise blockbuster this week. Below from Earth Science Reviews is a peer-reviewed and fully accepted synthesis overview of the…
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Video Round-up and the Foxhole

Comet Research Group kicks off new journal with blockbuster papers


Wild stuff!

Program Note 5/11/2021: The Cosmic Tusk is changing WordPress “engines” tonight. Thanks for your patience with any glitches. The sciency internet is alive with consensus condemnation and universal damnation for a new paper from Rhawn Joseph, now dubbed the “Tiger King of Mars.” In the article below, Joseph et al. continues a radical break from conventional interpretations…
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An Open Letter on Panspermia

Hear! Hear!

Random Tusks

Carolina Bay presentation from Davias wows Asheville GSA

SURFICIAL QUARTZ SAND DEPOSITS ON THE ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN: EOLIAN, FLUVIAL OR MARINE? THE CASE FOR A CATASTROPHIC DELIVERY MECHANISM DAVIAS, Michael, Cintos Research, 1381 Hope Street, Stamford, CT 06907 and GILBRIDE, Jeanette L., Cintos Research, Raleigh, NC 27613, [email protected] Regions of the Atlantic Coastal Plain are often capped by a surficial sheet of quartz sand. For example, the…
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Charles Appleton Day

2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question

Tusk TV

PBS NOVA on the Younger Dryas Impact

It seems like a lazy cheat to post YouTube videos two weeks in a row, instead of writing in-depth subject articles on the Tusk. But who has the time for that? And anyway the video below is a particularly special communication. It is special because WGBHPBS no longer stream this 2009 episode on their services — nor have they since 2011 — reportedly at the behest of Younger Dryas Impact…
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Video Round-up and the Foxhole

Cosmic Summit speaker videos