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With the Cosmic Summit close to a month away, I thought it would be fun to post a bit about a speaker or two. Dr. Andrew MT Moore and Ben van Kerkwyk are first up.

Ben has been the tour leader for my trips to Egypt and recently Turkey. He is also an extraordinarily skilled YouTube science and data communicator. His three recent videos on scans he inspired of ‘pre-dynastic’ Egyptian vases are truly ground breaking. Ben will tell us all about in Asheville.

The second speaker featured here is Dr. Moore, our Keynote in June for the Cosmic Summit. I poorly produced this video for a developing podcast idea called “The Rabbit Hole.” Andrew Moore is a recent past-president of the Archeological Institute of America, the world’s largest association of professional archaeologists. He is best known for discovering the earliest evidence for agriculture at his dig at Abu Herrera in Syrian Mesopotamia. The video is from a call with Dr. Moore’s permission.

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