Month: May 2014

Holiday - Meltzer: First abstract thoughts...

Restored from the library fire 1/1/20

Sorry, been at camp in the mountains this weekend, here is the paper It appears from the abstract and email chatter that Meltzer and Holiday have embarrassed themselves again here. Long time deniers of an ice age American catastrophe, I suspect their tone and attention to detail will match co-author Vance Holiday’s shrill and poorly […]

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Davias confronts 2013 Denver GSA with the Carolina Bays

Restored from the library fire 1/1/20

Davias calls out “Wind and Wave” formation theory Michael Davias of presented another astonishing Carolina Bay poster at the October, 2013, Denver meeting of the Geological Society of America. My apologies to bay fans for not posting this earlier. Here is the direct download from GSA. I speculate that the robustly repetitive Carolina bays may […]

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