Month: April 2011

Black Mat: Third paper details Venezuelan occurrence

Fired glaciofluvial sediment in the northwestern Andes: Biotic aspects of the Black Mat See additional papers further in this post….

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Once Again: Another large modern crater found in North America

Paul Heinrich, a fair minded critic of the YD hypothesis, has located a feature that might one day lend support to the theory.  I hope Paul can round up some funding for additional research.  This crater joins a growing list of large recent scars in North America. See related post here. Heinrich 2011–Possible 1-Km YD […]

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Tusk Exclusive: Kloosterman hits brick wall, "Secret Science" brings shame to Dutch

Mystery photo of Black Mat in Holland Han Kloosterman, a wonderful gentleman catastrophist in the Netherlands, has shared an all too typical story with the Tusk revealing the enormous challenge of investigating the Younger Dryas Boundary hypothesis. Han has long advertised the special nature of the “Usselo Boundary,” a Younger Dryas strata found in the […]

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