Month: October 2011

Carolina Bay Tour de Force: Davias’ startles Geological Society of America with Delmarva Marvels and other wonders

Davias Carolina Bay GSA Poster Davias Carolina Bay Presentation Davias Carolina Bay Presentation Notes

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Near miss!

This just in: New paper interpreting sun crossing objects in 1883 as a disintegrating comet only a fraction of the distance between earth and the moon. See here: – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:Orlando, United States

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Vedic Comet

A friend of the Tusk sent me a fascinating website, The Meaning of the Vedas, stating the hypothesis of Mr. Ravindra Vasudeo Godbole that the origin of the ancient Vedic oral literature of India and Pakistan was the trauma of repeated bombardments from the Taurid cometary debris stream (so well described by Bill Napier and blogged here on the Tusk). […]

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Clovis Comet Crater?

Internet science gadfly, Mr. Thomas Lee Elifritz, suggested a couple of years ago that the subtle elevation feature in Ontario described in his monograph below might be a candidate for what might remains after a large impact into the Pleistocene ice sheet. Like Mr. Elifritz or not, it is an interesting feature and I thought […]

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