RIP: YDB team member Paul DeCarli

I was sad to see a forwarded note last week from the daughter of Paul DeCarli informing folks of his passing. Paul DeCarli joined the YDB team in recent years as an expert in nanodiamond formation and other high energy matters related to our investigation. Readers may remember a post on […]

The Eyes Have It: Clovis peckers record YDB event in America’s oldest petroglyphs?

Clovis Petroglyphs: Eyewitness to Younger Dryas Boundary Event? Benson 2013 by George Howard


Mahaney….Again!: New Evidence from a Black Mat Site in the Northern Andes Supporting a Cosmic Impact 12,800 Years Ago

Source: JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY Volume: 121 Issue: 4 Pages: 309-325 DOI: 10.1086/670652 Published: JUL 2013

Abstract: Previous work has ascribed a cosmic impact origin to black, high-temperature, carbon-encrusted beds (2–3 cm thick), associated with the Younger Dryas readvance of ice at 12.8 ka during the Late Glacial in the northern Andes of Venezuela. The […]

Baillie Years and the Black Death

More info here and here

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WikiLies: Skeptical Raptor squelches science

The accuracy of information concerning the YDB event on the Wikipedia has always suffered from the dominance of a moderator describing himself as “Skeptical Raptor.” Watching the Raptor do his wiki-work has taught the Tusk that cynicism has few bounds — and the truth has few friends (that stay up that late at night). The […]

Beautiful Blog: Naturalis Historia unpacks the science behind the YDB hypothesis

The YDB Event: The Most Recent Global Catastrophe in Human History? MAY 24, 2013 BY NATURAL HISTORIAN

The Chelyabinsk meteor explosion as recorded by a dash-cam of a truck..

Remember the meteor that exploded over Russia earlier this year? A 50 foot diameter object exploded 14 miles above the surface of the earth […]

SOS: Dutchmen Desperately Seeking Paleo-Plant Wiz

Tusk buddy and YDB team co-author, Johan “Han” Kloostermann, sent me a note sometime ago that I failed to post. Han is the resident expert on the “Usselo Horizon,” a Dutch analog to the Younger Dryas Black Mat and associated YDB layer found throughout North America.

I hope Han will elaborate further in the comments […]

Zolfagharifard and The Mail: A comet DID wipe out first North American prehistoric humans: Ice core data suggests a cosmic impact killed off Clovis people

Tusk Crush?

A comet DID wipe out first North American prehistoric humans: Ice core data suggests a cosmic impact killed off Clovis people Evidence found in an ice core has been dated back to the ‘Big Freeze’ The freeze is linked to the demise of the North American Clovis people […]

The Beeb’s Simon Redfern picks up Harvard evidence for Younger Dryas Boundary Event

BBC link


1 August 2013 Last updated at 14:52 ET

Ice core data supports ancient space impact idea

By Simon Redfern

BBC News

New data from Greenland ice cores suggest North America may have suffered a large cosmic impact about 12,900 years ago.

A layer of platinum is […]