Pro Younger Dryas Impact Papers

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis: A Guide for the Perplexed: Marc Young provides a six-part counter-gallop

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Comet Research Group member and PhD Candidate Marc Young, of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, has made a mammoth 50,000+ word contribution to the YDIH literature.
The article analyses the history of the YDIH, including arguments for and against it, how the hypothesis has evolved over time, and the current state of the debate. It offers the deepest analysis of several key issues yet published.
Among the highlights are the first of many revelations of scientific misconduct in papers that sought to ‘take down’ the YDIH, extensive human occupation of South America since at least 18,000 years ago, and novel arguments for various niche aspects of the YDIH debate.


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Pro Younger Dryas Impact Papers

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