Month: September 2011

Candle Diamonds

New research reveals that nanodiamonds can be formed in relatively benign terrestrial environments — such as a candle and flame. This lends a lot of support to the YD team’s hypotheses that the diamonds they find in the black mat were formed terrestrially, not through shock pressure, but rather by a hypoxic conflagration. In fact, […]

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Privilege: What I have been doing on my summer vacation

Allow me to take a personal privilege here and post the new brochure I have been working on for Restoration Systems. I post this because, first of all, most blogs have off-subject insights into the blog author’s other interests. And second, this is the kind of economic responsibility I feel above and beyond my fondness […]

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[Repost] Swiss Bliss

OK, back in the saddle again. Sorry for the scrambled first slide here, but the presentation Scribd below was given by Malcolm LeCompte at the gathering in Bern. Abbreviated YDB evidence at 2011 Bern, Switzerland, INQUA Conference

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