Shootout: YDB hypothesis debate at Laramie AMQUA conference

See session proceedings here. Session 5: Comet Impact as the Cause of the Younger Dryas: Pros and Cons Chair: Dan Muhs Allen West 1:00 p.m. Allen West – The Younger Dryas impact controversy: Exploring the competing hypotheses for the deposition of nanodiamonds, magnet c spherules, and other evidence at 12.9 ka Todd Surovell 1:30 […]

Moon to Earth: New LRO Lunar Crater Analysis has potential to revise impact frequency for Terrafirma

By comparing the LRO pictures with images collected by Apollo missions in the 1970s, they have found five craters that have appeared in the past four decades. That is helping the team to determine how frequently objects strike the Moon, says planetary geologist Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona in Tucson. They have […]

The Very Small Kamil Crater Discovered In Egypt

Very Small Kimel Crater Discovered in Egypt


Rohrabacher keeps eyes to the sky whilst others pols dawdle

Two great Americans

We need to take the next step. Our NEO search and tracking program continues to move forward, but nobody is taking responsibility for protection. I am more confident than ever in our ability to identify potential threats from asteroids and comets, but it is critical […]

Video: Man cares for flowers, birds on Carolina Bay Lake Waccamaw

A good friend sent me this video this morning. His father has known the gentleman featured, 91 year-old John O’Neil, for many years and attests to what a great fella he is. I don’t know Mr. O’Neil, but in the course of my work I have been fortunate to meet a lot folks like him, […]

Tusk drops all pretense of objectivity, joins YD team for Laramie rodeo

Poster for AMQUA in Laramie, Wyoming, August 12-15, 2010. See here for program.

Breaking: WISE mission misleads public with confusing comet stats

In my day work I am no stranger to government bureaucracies and “programs” manipulating information about their activities until it suits them to do otherwise. The WISE mission is no different.

In March of this year David Shiga wrote an obviously informed article revealing early results of the WISE […]

Hill shocker as Senate panel suddenly backs Obama on Asteroid Mission; Same Day WISE finishes first pass of sky

The real discoveries will come when we let the whole world in on the data

Peter Eisenhardt, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, July 16, 2010

The consensus we achieved today was a miracle, but I believe in miracles.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla), New York Times, July 15, 2010


Video: Lake Cheko at the Tunguska blast site

Tunguska just never gets old, does it? I came across this video a couple of years ago, Pre-Tusk, but it deserves a post. Cheko looks a hell of a lot like a Carolina bay to me. David Kimble and Bob Kobres have done some great work demonstrating that bays tend to be associated with streams, […]

A Nickel Pickle Part C

A NICKEL PICKLE The Problems of Building High-Tech From a Meteoroid Wreck by Bob Kobres Part C

The contemporary picture of pre-history has been pieced together with total disregard for the effects impact phenomena had on our ancestors. Obviously the image of our past will be much different when this newly discovered influence […]

A Nickel Pickle Part B

A NICKEL PICKLE The Problems of Building High-Tech From a Meteoroid Wreck by Bob Kobres Part B There is though, another agent which could destroy civilization and do great harm to the environment, a large consignment of elements from space. Such deliveries are not as uncommon as was previously thought, particularly during the past […]