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Shootout: YDB hypothesis debate at Laramie AMQUA conference

See session proceedings here.
Session 5: Comet Impact as the Cause of the Younger Dryas: Pros and Cons
Chair: Dan Muhs
Allen West
1:00 p.m. Allen West – The Younger Dryas impact controversy: Exploring the competing hypotheses for the deposition of nanodiamonds, magnet c spherules, and other
evidence at 12.9 ka
Todd Surovell
1:30 p.m. Todd Surovell – Magnetic grains and microspherules from seven North American
archaeological sites do not support YD impact
Ted Bunch
2:00 p.m. Ted Bunch – New physical evidence that a cosmic object impacted the Earth at 12.9 ka, along with a presentation of potential impact mechanisms
2:30 p.m. Break
Mark Boslough
2:50 p.m. Mark Boslough – Problems with the Younger Dryas boundary (YDB) impact hypothesis
Jim Kennett
3:20 p.m. Jim Kennett – Consistency of Younger Dryas climatic, biotic, and oceanic changes with YDB cosmic impact hypothesis
Nick Pinter
3:50 p.m. Nicholas Pinter – Testing YD impact markers: Terrestrial vs. extraterrestrial sources
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