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The ~335 AD Hopewell Airburst Event in Ohio

Meteorites, silicious vesicular melt glass, Fe and Si-rich magnetic spherules, positive Ir and Pt anomalies, and burned charcoal-rich Hopewell habitation surfaces demonstrate that a cosmic airburst event occurred over the Ohio River valley during the late Holocene. A comet-shaped earthwork was constructed near the airburst epicenter. Twenty-nine radiocarbon ages demonstrate that the event…
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Key paper reveals the astonishing cosmic secret behind "Boneyard Alaska"

Comet Research Group member Marc Young presents at Flinders U

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Smoking Gun: Fifty years of study by Bill Napier et al. vindicated in new paper

Napier on the Tusk 2010 Napier on The Bos 2013 Tusk Interviews Napier 2015 Napier on Orbital Fragmentation 2019 Daily Mail A comprehensive study of the Taurid meteor stream released last week confirms a central understanding of astronomer Dr. Bill Napier and the Comet Research Group, which was incorporated into the YDI hypothesis from the start in 2007. A large comet has been fragmenting in solar…
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NYT: 6000 word Sunday feature article on the YDI and Comet Research Group

Comet Research Group kicks off new journal with blockbuster papers

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#ImageForensics Some potential repetitive parts in the corner of Figure 15 of that recent @SciReports paper about an asteroid that destroyed Tall el-Hammam (biblical city of Sodom?). — Elisabeth Bik (@MicrobiomDigest) September 29, 2021 [pdfjs-viewer…
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Tusk at Sedona Conference

Younger Dryas trigger: Cosmic Impacts or Volcanoes?