Month: April 2012

Breaking: New PNAS Study Claims Black Mat Blast Materials Common To Wetlands

I’ll soon have the actual paper, but below is Sid Perkin’s take at Science Magazine. The news article itself already reveals what appears to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the YDB team’s previous results. The YDB team does not claim the blast spherules are from space. They believe they are terrestrial. The Lake Cuitzeo paper restated this […]

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Elevated Iridium at Younger Dryas in England

A reader recently asked by email why, if cosmic blast materials have been found on the continent in Germany and the Netherlands in Younger Dryas sediments, has nothing been found in the British Isles? Or how about just plain old England, one of the best studied countries on earth? My correspondent is well studied on […]

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Davias' Astonishing Presentation to Asheville GSA on Carolina Bay origin

Michael Davias’ presentation this week to the GSA’s Southeastern Section in Asheville is simply extraordinary. Even better than last month at Hartford. I bet the sclerotic old geo-goats — and better, the know-it-all-because-somebody-told-me kids — were put on their heels The fact is that no one knows how the hell these features came to be […]

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Astonishing Image of Carolina Bays

The image below is from the Bennettsville, South Carolina region. More Carolina bays here.

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