Month: June 2011

Skeptic Speaks: A Personal Essay from Vance Holliday on the Clovis Comet

Vance Holliday Vance Holliday was thoughtful to give the Tusk a heads up on his essay first published here at the Argonaut.  I have not read it throughly enough to respond myself right now, but I am certain of this: One or more of the dozen key researchers from the other side of the debate […]

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Upcoming Bern INQUA Conference packed with Younger Dryas Boundary studies

Abstracts for Session 60 “The enigmatic Younger Dryas climatic episode” Oral Presentations ID Title Presenter Talknbr. Invited 1666 Younger Dryas Onset Marked by Dramatic Environmental and Biotic Change James Kennett 1 x 835 The Younger-Dryas Cold reversal:Ice-Earth-Oceab Intercations During a Period of Rapid Climate Change Richard Peltier 2 x 366 Assessing the effectiveness of different freshwater drainage […]

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Face-off: PBS moderates on-line debate between proponents and detractors of Younger Dryas cosmic impact

From PBS’ NOVA site on the Clovis Comet: “THE ICE AGE EXTINCTION DEBATE (UPDATE) by Evan Hadingham, NOVA Senior Science Editor In Megabeasts’ Sudden Death, NOVA reported on a radical new theory that an extraterrestrial impact devastated North America and other regions at the end of the Ice Age. First aired at a conference in May […]

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Allen West smeared by Dalton, former Nature writer

UPDATE: I failed to add Allen West’s expunged “conviction” to the links below. Here is the order expunging the silly matter from the record. To put this kind of stuff in perspective, I was once fined a similar amount (around $4000) by the North Carolina Attorney General’s office for sediment pollution.  Horrors — I am in the pollution control […]

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