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Upcoming Bern INQUA Conference packed with Younger Dryas Boundary studies

Abstracts for Session 60 “The enigmatic Younger Dryas climatic episode”

Oral Presentations

ID Title Presenter Talknbr. Invited
1666 Younger Dryas Onset Marked by Dramatic Environmental and Biotic Change James Kennett 1 x
835 The Younger-Dryas Cold reversal:Ice-Earth-Oceab Intercations During a Period of Rapid Climate Change Richard Peltier 2 x
366 Assessing the effectiveness of different freshwater drainage routes at triggering the Younger Dryas Alan Condron 3
2964 Reduced Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) and Regional Climate Change During the Younger Dryas Jerry McManus 4 x
3138 Oceanic Variability in the Gulf of Alaska during the Younger Dryas Summer K. Praetorius 5
1514 Abrupt changes in runoff from North America during the Younger Dryas James Teller 6 x
262 Younger Dryas glaciation of Scandinavia – the type area for the Younger Dryas Jan Mangerud 7 x
1813 Unusual material in early Younger Dryas age sediments and their potential relevance to the YD Cosmic Impact Hypothesis Malcolm LeCompte 8 x
2641 Exceptional iridium concentrations found at the Allerød-Younger Dryas transition in sediments from Bodmin Moor in southwest England William Marshall 9
1556 Nanodiamonds and the Usselo layer Annelies van Hoesel 10
2768 Vegetation change and the Younger Dryas: a continental-scale perspective Matthew Peros 11 x
209 The Younger Dryas in the Neotropics: paleoecological evidence from Venezuela Encarni Montoya 12 x


ID Title Presenter
583 New paleoclimatic reconstruction for the Allerød and Young Dryas of the plain part of Ukraine (based on palynological data) Lyudmila Bezusko
997 Vegetation dynamics during Younger Dryas climatic episode (12600 – 11500 yr. cal. B.P.) in Northwest Lithuania Eugenija Rudnickaite
1177 Effective moisture during the late glacial to Holocene transition from mainland eastern Australia John Tibby
1181 The boundary phenomenon of the Pleistocene – Holocene in the Baikal Siberia (Russia) Natalia Berdnikova
1184 A review on the radiocarbon and absolute chronologies bracketing the Younger Dryas climatic event Edouard Bard
1294 Individual and community responses of diatoms to the Younger Dryas climatic reversal in a South Carpathian glacial lake Krisztina Buczkó
1378 North Atlantic reservoir ages linked to high Younger Dryas atmospheric radiocarbon concentrations William Austin
1447 The Bull Creek valley stream terraces, buried soils, and paleo-environment during the Younger Dryas in the Oklahoma Panhandle, USA Alexander Simms
1526 Soot as Evidence for Widespread Fires at the Younger Dryas Onset (YDB, 12.9 ka) James Kennett
1584 Human Population Decline across Parts of the Northern Hemisphere during the Younger Dryas Cooling Period James Kennett
1587 Eastward Drainage of Glacial Lake Agassiz: The Perspective from the Lake Superior Basin Steve M. Colman
1591 Nanodiamonds as Evidence for a Younger Dryas Cosmic Impact Event Allen West
1606 Shock-melt Evidence for a Cosmic Impact with Earth during the Younger Dryas at 12.9 ka Allen West
1619 Evidence for Widespread Biomass-Burning at the Younger Dryas Boundary at 12.9 ka Allen West
2667 Greater-than-present wet conditions from 14.6 to 10.2 cal ka yr BP in the southwestern Great Lakes area, North America Brandon Curry
2765 Evidence of Younger Dryas aridity in dune-paleosol successions in the Midwest of U.S.A. Hong Wang
2853 Pedogenic Climate Signals in the Great Plains (USA) during the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition (Bølling/Allerød – Boreal) William C Johnson
2875 The Allerød-Younger Dryas Transition in lake sediments from The Netherlands Wim Hoek
3116 Megafaunal Extinction at the Younger Dryas Onset in North America Douglas Kennett
3134 Carolina Bays: Younger Dryas Time Capsules Malcolm LeCompte
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