Month: September 2012

2012 Slow Green Fireball Train in UK: Satellite or Meteor Break-Up?

I hate being dragged into these “modern” reports, since the Tusk specializes about this kind of stuff in the ancient past. But the UK event yesterday was really, really cool and I have posted before on these slow greenish fireballs. Because of the unusually long duration and slow movement, some people have suggested the possibility […]

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Unfiltered: Surovell - Holliday in PNAS, 2009

Restored from the library fire 1/11/20

To a great degree the Tusk itself was a response to my frustration with Todd Surovell and Vance Holliday’s botched 2009 PNAS journal article, “An independent evaluation of the Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact hypothesis,“ published three months before this blog began. Despite my early understanding of the sloppy work of the authors, however, I did […]

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Breaking: Ducks join Gamecocks with press release calling out Surovell, et al. 2009

Today’s press release from the University of Oregon complimenting yesterday’s from the University of South Carolina. Surovell, et. al 2009 has another serious challenge here.   Challengers to Clovis-age impact theory missed key protocols, new study finds EUGENE, Ore. — (Sept. 18, 2012) — An interdisciplinary team of scientists from seven U.S. institutions says a disregard of […]

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PNAS: Five-Year study rips spear from back of YDB hypothesis

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    Download the PDF file . Working on getting the paper. [Update: Got it above} This appears to be the long hoped for independent, intentional, blind, professional and reproducible confirmation of the original 2007 findings of the Younger Dryas Boundary team. Independent evaluation of conflicting microspherule results from different investigations of the Younger Dryas […]

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Again, again, again, again -- and AGAIN!: Jupiter impacts continue to defy NASA estimates

  LIVE UPDATE:  See here to watch tonight for the potential scar of the impact. The Tusk focuses laser-like on impacts experienced by ancient humans. But when called for, I share items from current events that prove our thesis that the rate of cosmic collisions is far greater than generally acknowledged by science (and NASA). Yesterday […]

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Charlotte: Carolina Bays at GSA in November

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  Isn’t it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so we could discover them!! — Wilbur Wright, June, 1903   No one has yet invented an explanation which will fully account for all the facts observed – Douglas Johnson, regarding Carolina bays, 1942   The Geological Society of America has […]

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