Month: September 2014

University of Chicago: Nanodiamonds prove cosmic impact responsible for ancient climate change

Press Statement  Hot thread at WUWT Microscopic Diamonds Suggest Cosmic Impact Responsible for Major Period of Climate Change A new study published in The Journal of Geology provides support for the theory that a cosmic impact event over North America some 13,000 years ago caused a major period of climate change known as the Younger […]

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The Plait Affair: Gross contempt for one's better

Wickramasinghe and Sir Fred Hoyle Plait #1 Plait #2 Plait #3 Rebuttal Space plankton at ProfChandra Though Panspermia is not the focus of this blog, I consider the theory and body of evidence a friendly intellectual cousin to the Tusk’s Coherent Catastrophism and worthy of defense on the same grounds. Both philosophies (to use the old term) […]

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