The Great Horned Serpent

Native American Lore


From Maine and Nova Scotia to the Rocky Mountains, Indians told stories about the Great Serpent. More than a century ago the serpent was considered to be “a genuine spirit of evil.” Some version of the story of the Great Flood of […]

Geomorphology Of Possible Younger Dryas Boundary Impact Structure A Cosmic Impact and Distal Ejecta Manifold

Geomorphology Of Possible Younger Dryas Boundary Impact Structure A Cosmic Impact and Distal Ejecta Manifold


Carolina Bays at Perigee Zero

Judacallah Rock (repost of scrambled original)

There’s been a lot of interesting chatter on the Tusk lately about cosmically inspired aboriginal Rock Art. The strange etchings and scratchings on rocks around the world have long caused speculation that at least some portion of the art is inspired from above, the question is how much, what exactly did they see, and when […]

Science Trip

Allen West, Unidentified Eminent Scientist and George Howard

New Carolina Bay visualization tool from Perigee Zero

Wow. Michael Davias at Perigee Zero keeps stripping the hide off the ball for Carolina Bays. He has investigated, identified and, most importantly — visualized and shared — some extraordinary info on the range and character of bays in the Southeast and Midwest.

The screenshot below only scratches the surface of […]

RIP: Brian G. Marsden 1937-2010

CCNet Extra- 19 November 2010

Brian G. Marsden, Eminent Astronomer, Dies

This might be off-topic on some of the lists to which I am a member of . . . but it is a very sad piece of news that everyone in the astronomical community should be made aware of. Brian was a good friend […]


From Pierson Barretto’s great website.



A mythical monster, usually represented as a large reptile with wings and claws, breathing out fire and smoke. (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

There are dragon or serpent monster myths found in practically every culture on Earth (for simplicity, I will refer to serpent monsters as dragons). Usually in these myths, the dragons […]

California missile: A bolide?

Or an ordinary jet contrail?


Bob Kobres' A Nickel Pickle: Part D!

A NICKEL PICKLE The Problems of Building High-Tech From a Meteoroid Wreck by Bob Kobres Part D

From the original on Bob Kobres’ site here.

Uniformitarianism succeeded in displacing catastrophism as the acceptable approach to unraveling Earth’s past, largely because slow moving glaciers better explained the presence of displaced boulders. Catastrophists had surmised that these […]