Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Carolina Bays at Perigee Zero

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  1. they say it is from a air burst .

    . but is it REALLY just loads just rocks hitting from a huge massive impact….. say an event large enough to turn some lands into a turtle Island rotf!

    maybe these things are say connected to all those north african suoer duper ultra special burials where whole families are buried screaming and hugging each other, AND ONE WHERE THE VOLCANO ATE THE SUN!

  2. Hi:

    I find your blog interesting. I had recorded the PBS Nova episode when they first ran it. I have been reading web articles on and off about this cosmic impact event.
    Anyways, I have a link to another website that you might be interested in. I haven’t actually gotten to read it yet but it is “up your alley”.



  3. Hi Again:

    Oops. I see that I should have read the next blog entry after this one. It has a link to the very same website that I listed in my previous comment. Can you just delete my two comments?

    Sorry about the hassle. Meanwhile i’ll just keep reading your blog for now.


  4. my last entry as I find arguing with holy men boring.

    ps anyone who didn’t get the reference.. you might want to try

    Guyota ( NOW DOESN’ THAT kind of SOUND like coyota AND BOTH TAKE DOG SHAPES..) GUYOTA WHO stole Magec/THE SUN and took him onto the volcano !

    So if you don’t know yet what this is here is another clue..

    be sure to also check out the giant bath tub known to day as Greenland

    so then if you have the guts to put all the pieces of that puzzle back together again
    you can also ADD SOME bad science like frozen solid in seconds dead mammoths and atlantic water issues and carolina bays …” the big green” and other sayings from ancient egyptian about sea peoples lands scattering before them…” AND then add A FEW MORE THOUSAND OF those all so special “SCIENTIFIC STUDIES” missing people and bogg mummies , missing populations in europe and north america and north africa ..and other jokes dedicated to the worship of man’s logical abilities …. logic abilities that hasn’t yet found it’s own you know what … WITH BOTH HANDS!
    bye I have had enough of all this stuff!
    so what all happened … that is for me to know since I was a kid and you find out .. but when you do .. it wont’ make you or what you think about true history holy! because truth ain’t going to sit in anyones constructs but it’s own, not even mine..
    adios boys!

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