Month: March 2012

YDB impact researchers cite confirmations in recent PNAS paper

The PNAS paper has a helpful bibliography of recent publications supportive of the hypothesis. It’s worth a separate block quote below. Nice how the links take you to the cites themselves at the PNAS website. “Some independent workers have been unable to reproduce earlier YDB results for MSp, CSp, and NDs (6⇓–8), as summarized in a “News Focus” piece in Science (9), […]

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Davias Presents to Geological Society of America on Carolina Bays

I am trying to get the Powerpoint from Michael Davias, which I will post.  I am sure it is very, very cool.  His website is here:  Goldsboro Ridge: How does a lake form on a hill?   SURFICIAL QUARTZ SAND DEPOSITS ON THE ATLANTIC COASTAL PLAIN: EOLIAN, FLUVIAL OR MARINE? THE CASE FOR A CATASTROPHIC […]

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Mars impact plume?

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Beeb Radio: Boslough and Kennett discuss new evidence from Mexico

“If this were the first paper I would have taken it seriously.” —Mark Boslough, BBC Radio, March 16, 2012 Jim Kennett and Mark Boslough discuss the new evidence from Mexico [8:20] Tip o’ the Hat to Dennis Cox of A Catastrophe of Comets.

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No Bull: Wall Street Journal's Matt Ridley Covers Clovis Comet

I’m at home struggling with the flu, but this certainly perked me up. I have read every edition of the Journal since 1989. What a thrill. Saturday, March 17, 2012 A Global-Cooling Theory Gets a Second Chance By MATT RIDLEY Scientists, it’s said, behave more like lawyers than philosophers. They do not so much test their theories […]

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Reading Material from Sunken Civ at Free Republic

Sunken Civ, The moderator of the Gods, Graves and Glyphs board at Free Republic, keeps a nice list of articles on hand concerning our subject and related matters, and reprints it each time there is some news. He has done such a good job keeping it up I am going to make a ‘stand-alone” page […]

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YDB Co-Author Profile: Paul S. DeCarli

Paul DeCarli Nick Pinter claims here that diamonds were misidentified in earlier YDB studies. The paper this month was Paul DeCarli’s first formal appearance with the YDB team but his presence as a co-author undermines Pinter’s accusation. DeCarli is a diamond pro. And more importantly he is an eager scientist more given to discovery than criticism. I have seen the […]

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UCSB Press Release

From a University of California – Santa Barbara Press Release: “In the entire geologic record, there are only two known continent-wide layers with abundance peaks in nanodiamonds, impact spherules, and aciniform soot. These are in the 65-million-year-old Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary layer that coincided with major extinctions, including the dinosaurs and ammonites; and the Younger Dryas boundary event at 12,900 […]

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Tree falls in forest and one hand claps: Science press picks up Mexican Black Mat study

This just in from Popular Science, link here. Massive Extraterrestrial Rock Hit Earth 13 Millennia Ago, According to Nano-Evidence About 13,000 years ago, a chunk of a comet or asteroid hurtled into the atmosphere at a shallow angle, superheating the atmosphere around it as it careened toward the surface. The air grew hot enough to […]

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PNAS: New evidence from Central Mexico supporting the Younger Dryas extraterrestrial impact hypothesis

  NOTE:  This post will be “stuck” to the top of the page for the time being. Related new material such as news articles and observations will be blogged subsequent to this post but will appear below. The old “Drudge Siren” is getting quite a 1st quarter work out. And from what I hear it […]

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