Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Reading Material from Sunken Civ at Free Republic

Sunken Civ, The moderator of the Gods, Graves and Glyphs board at Free Republic, keeps a nice list of articles on hand concerning our subject and related matters, and reprints it each time there is some news. He has done such a good job keeping it up I am going to make a ‘stand-alone” page of it. ┬áBut in the meantime, here is a look back at some of the press Sunken Civ has collected:

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  1. and NO plasma out burst, no Nova outburst have hit our Earth..

    now something way way way bigger had to get inside these shields > then maybe it had been hit by such things as Nova’s and Plasma radiation and all those highly charged electrons and boats of radiation and rare earth minerals from cosmic collisions with who knows what. .. but all that stuff that misses us and only something really really really big could bring all these things to the earth and leave billions x billions of tons across the surface and then spread from one side of this place to the other 4 to 10 ft deep , 6 to 12 feet down and more.


    I wonder if this is what the bible calls the windows of heaven.
    actually I think it is the book of Enoch that says there is 4 such windows which help control the winds of earth even.

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