Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question

World's most popular game show features Comet Research Group pub

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  1. We’re avid Jeopardy fans and watched that episode
    You obviously have followers in the Jeopardy ‘question research’ team – pretty good company to be in.

  2. Almost enough to make me turn on the TV set again after 3 years.
    Intelligent ladies are supremely attractive.

    But, naah. Not going back to commercial broadcast tv.

    The article provided by Mr. Howard in these precincts was plenty exciting.
    Not nearly so much dense data as some of the papers on YDIB scanning electron ultramicrographs and such.
    My brain got a bunch of stretch marks from Those!

  3. I just want to leave a note that the Nature Response is to a different event. It is probably a worthwhile article to read, but the Hopewell airburst event in the Ohio area is the focus of the link that E.P. Grondine put up above.

  4. Additionally, in regard to the Tall el-Hammam discussion, I believe the Biblical evidence constrains the city of Sodom to the Dead Sea area close enough to the Mamre Hebron area to walk within a day. Now the Bible indicates a number of cities were destroyed in the blast that took out Sodom. And the scientific evidence of the blast indicates a wide-area was affected. So… Stephen Collins could have found the destruction event … but the city of Sodom was located within walking distance of Mamre where Abraham stayed. Abraham was staying at his tent in “the heat of the day” when the angels and the Lord appeared. Abraham persuaded them to stay for a quick meal. and then they went on walking towards Sodom to arrive at Sodom at nightfall.

    Whether you wish to believe this in the Bible, it does add to the need to place this Bible event in walking distance of Mamre/Hebron area. The story for those familiar with the geography of the area would demand that Sodom would have been just barely walkable in a half day journey with the Biblical time-frame. This could be eight or nine hour walk from day, to a summer sunset time. But this doesn’t fit with Tall el-Hammam. The Bible doesn’t say the angels ran, but it does indicate a determined walk.

    Also, I think Dead Sea varves can be utilized for this study. Their is a “discontinuity” in the varve record just where I would have expected it to be from the blast event.

  5. Yes the varves of the region would make for a good corollary proxy study ……So too the Middle Bronze Age 1650 BCE destruction layers of the other cities and towns further afield ….It was the great French archaeologist Claude Schaeffer who first speculated there were simultaneous destructions of urban settlements across the Middle East Near East and Asia Minor dated to 2300 /2350 BCE and 1650 BCE …….1650 BCE is recognized in ancient history circles as the start of the Egyptian Second Intermediate period and the Hyksos [ a composite people thought to be of Canaanite / Arabian origin ] invasion from the east …..As I observed elsewhere the mud rampart structures of the Hyksos capital Avaris resemble the mud walled fortifications found at Tell el Hammam

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