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Charles Appleton Day

One year since the passing of cfapps7865

Anyone interested in the speculative history of ancient North America will remember tireless communicator and Tusk buddy Chuck Appleton. I thought it appropriate on the anniversary of his death to recall his timeless contribution. Cfapps7865 made more than 3000 videos concerning our mysterious past — or a video each day for nearly a decade.

If the afterlife has a golf course, Chuck is teeing off on 18 beautiful cosmic holes about now. May the fores be with him!

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  1. That’s a very nice gesture George, thank you.
    When it comes to ancient history alternative research, Chuck’s passing has left a gigantic void that will not, and cannot be fulfilled.
    I still miss the man quite a lot to be honest…
    But even though Chuck’s “radio” is broken and out of service, the “signal” is still going strong and probably zipping by our heads as we speak.

    Thanks again George, and a special & symbolic thank you to the one and only, Chuck “the Man” Appleton!

  2. I miss his non-controversial, pragmatic and thoughtful video question marks 🙂

    RIP Chuck

  3. Tremendously miss our Godfather of the ancient history community. Led by example, demanding a high bar of factual standards. His shoes will forever remain unfilled. He truly was one of a kind. Miss him tremendously.

  4. Thx George!

    No more ‘video here for you today…’, and always interesting stuff on those zoom in’s. Soo many clips!
    RIP cfapps7865

  5. I think of him ALL the time. I miss him on a different level then an artist or actor that has passed that I admired. I felt connected, I honestly planned on seeing the GP with Ben & him one day.
    My fathers favorite expression was “less is more”, did anyone embody that more then Chuck? I think not. I know his heart was lighter then a feather.

  6. R.I.P. Chuck. Always loved the content & insights he provided. Gone too soon. -side note- keep em in the fairway

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