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Graham Hancock hosts eight-part series starring Younger Dryas Impact

It’s kinda hard for your correspondent to keep a secret, but I’ve managed to keep my Tusk shut for quite some time now about a long planned Netflix series concerning the Younger Dryas Impact.

Tusk buddy, author and series host Graham Hancock contacted me in February 2020, while I was holed up in a New Orleans hotel room watching developments concerning the newly popular Wuhan Flu. Graham graciously invited me to appear on the show, and for the next two years, as the pandemic snarled production, we both thought I was to be interviewed for the final episode.

But this April, just weeks away and a plane ticket out, the Tusk got canned to make room for a surprise guest. And I was cool with that.

First, this is an epic struggle for global understanding. If you are looking for recognition in this context, a long wait is appropriate. Second, the surprise guest who replaced me deserved every last second of time from whatever the Tusk had to say. And third…there’s always Season Two.

I was disappointed for ~30 seconds. Now I simply cannot wait. November 11th will fulfill an intense personal desire over nearly three decades to see this subject professionally presented to a global television audience. I have been convinced from Day One that what will soon happen is the ONLY thing that will ever truly make a difference.

Netflix is the place, this is the time, break out the popcorn, our true history awaits.

The Tusk and Hancock on location

The number of comments from people saying they will subscribe, re-subscribe, or keep Netflix indicates this may be an extraordinary investment by the company.

9 Responses

    I know the ending.

    … comets hit planets, eviscerating surface biomass and melting surface geomaterials…
    sorry to give it away like that.

  2. Sooooo excited for this. I’ve been thinking to myself how this couldn’t already been happening? Even if people feel it to be controversial, Goethe debate hasn’t been more mainstream. Just petty journal infighting…

  3. There’s always Season 2 for the Tusk! Regardless, cannot wait to tune in for this series!

    ~ The Culture Vulture

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