Cosmic Summit

Tusk Party

After 28 years of fascination, I’ve now completely lost my mind and gone all in. The Tusk is sponsoring a speculative ancient history — and hard science — gathering June 16 – 18, 2023, in Asheville, North Carolina. The Cosmic Summit 2023 will feature controversial authors, speculative internet personalities, and hard nosed Phd’s from the Comet Research Group. As…
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It's a wrap: Cosmic Summit 2023

Disclosure at the Summit

Popular Press

Ancient Apocalypse

It’s kinda hard for your correspondent to keep a secret, but I’ve managed to keep my Tusk shut for quite some time now about a long planned Netflix series concerning the Younger Dryas Impact. Tusk buddy, author and series host Graham Hancock contacted me in February 2020, while I was holed up in a New Orleans hotel room watching developments concerning the newly popular Wuhan Flu.
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NYT: 6000 word Sunday feature article on the YDI and Comet Research Group

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