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Tusk Party

George Howard's conference to feature Younger Dryas Impact; more speculative subjects

After 28 years of fascination, I’ve now completely lost my mind and gone all in.

The Tusk is sponsoring a speculative ancient history — and hard science — gathering June 16 – 18, 2023, in Asheville, North Carolina. The Cosmic Summit 2023 will feature controversial authors, speculative internet personalities, and hard nosed Phd’s from the Comet Research Group.

As regular readers of this website may recognize, this is a delicate and epistemologically risky mix. But I am convinced the effort is justified.

Our subject here on the Cosmic Tusk —  ignored, suppressed and derided evidence of cosmic impacts in human times — needs a physical and entertaining home beyond the internet. I believe the subject needs to combine the fruits of hard science and informed speculation to flourish in the global mind.

Today, these worlds live separately on the web. I want to bring them together in person with an interactive and informed audience.

As you can see from the new website, I am determined to do my very best to make absolutely clear that the invited speakers from the Comet Research Group and the speculators are intellectually delineated from each other:

*DISCLAIMER AND EXPLAINER: The Cosmic Summit is not a presentation of the Comet Research Group. That fact will be repeated many times at the Summit. The Summit will cover subjects which are not endorsed or supported by the CRG or the thinking of individual CRG members. George Howard through Cosmic Tusk Productions, LLC, is the sole owner and producer of the conference, which is a for-profit entertainment and science gathering of general interest. George is an environmental entrepreneur in Raleigh, North Carolina, who became interested in the Younger Dryas Impact in 1994 and posts on related subjects since 2010 at cosmictusk.com. He is a co-director of the 510(c)3 Comet Research Group and an occasional co-author with the CRG with over 1000 peer-reviewed journal citations.

I certainly expect that for the dwindling band of vocal critics of the Younger Dryas Impact this fact will be ignored. For them, CRG members and internet speculators are inseparable (and coordinating their presentations at coffee houses in Asheville).

Intellectual guilt by association is in vogue these days.

The truth is that I invited these wonderful people because I am fortunate to know each of them, and each did the Tusk a personal favor by graciously and bravely accepting my invitation to speak at an unproven event. I sought a mix of speakers that if I were in the audience I would enjoy hearing from, and this is them.

Finally, the Cosmic Summit 2023 is indeed a for-profit endeavor. So, please, call me a wildly successful grifter next summer. But recognize I’ve put my time in on this subject. I have been laboring for understanding at my own expense since Bill Clinton was first elected, I was living with roommates, and watched as a slack-jawed punk when fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impacted Jupiter in 1994.

Profit is critical to provide a properly incentivized, self-sustaining, virtuous cycle of improving presentations of controversial material that will get bigger and better over time — free of “committee.”

See you in Asheville.







7 Responses

  1. Bravo George,

    Way to go in spreading the word on the Cosmic Tusk.

    The best way to spite your enemies is to live well.

    Living well while spreading the word of the Cosmic Tusk is simply awe inspiring.

  2. This will be about 25 minutes up the road from home!
    (Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.)

    Thanks for the info, George! Looking forward to the event!

  3. Mr. George “G-is-for-Grifter” Howard
    Cosmic Tusk Productions, LLC
    Asheville, N.C.

    Dear Mister H,

    Have a care sir. You are in serious danger of having accusations “Integrity” and “reckless generosity” added to the heaps of contumely already flung in your general direction by the hostiles.
    In the long interval until the event I wish you all excellent health and no crankypants critics launching congressional inquiries into your activities.

    I will be practicing my fiddle in anticipation of parking lot gatherings.

  4. East coast event. I should def make it. Caught the Rush in Sedona, ready for another one. Thanks

  5. Thank you, George, for this most important and timely information. Just about a couple of weeks ago, I viewed for the first time that recent film called “Greenland.” It got me to thinking, so I revisited “The Cosmic Tusk” for the first time in a year or so. Back in the nineties, I’ve read Clube and Napier’s “The Cosmic Serpent,” and “The Cosmic Winter.” I’ve read all of Graham Hancock’s books regarding this subject. But back in the early eighties, I’ve read “Maps Of The Ancient Sea Kings–Evidence Of Advanced Civilization In The Ice Age,” by Professor Charles H. Hapgood. After all this, I very strongly suspect that a once very great and very literate civilization(s) had been violently obliterated by the onset of the immense Younger Dryas comet impact cataclysm around circa 12,800 years ago. A previous era of high civilization and indeed a previous recorded history has been effectively erased from the record, because that is just what comets can do. It could happen to us, just like in the film “Greenland.” Our great global civilization was almost certainly not the first, for our largely unknown ancestors were fated to face how many comet impact cataclysms spread out for more than a millennium?

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