Cosmic Summit

Marc Young: The world’s first Cosmoarchaeologist

The Cosmic Summit is only three weeks, three days, away. I’m busy ordering lanyards, making the program attractive, finding good vendors, and all manner of things I am unqualified to do.

But I am also looking forward to meeting longtime digital friends in person, like Marc Young, of Adelaide, Australia. We collaborated years ago on The Bib and many, many projects before and since. I have known Marc so well for so long over the internet it will be a special pleasure to welcome him to North Carolina.

Marc is a PhD candidate in Geoarchaeology at Flinders University, and doing quite well at it. We can look forward to his 50,000 word thesis-like review of the YDIH soon. His work exploring forensic evidence for the YD cataclysm in human history distinguishes him as the first degreed Archaeologist specialized in cosmic impacts.

Marc is also a key member of the Comet Research Group and will present evidence for the most important turning point in human history. Here is a preview of his research:

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