NASA planetary protection chief: Impact estimates flawed!

Donald Yeomans

It takes Jupiter getting slapped three times [see Tusk post here], but NASA\JPL is finally admitting (carefully in an house propaganda organ) that the estimates they regularly regurgitate to demonstrate things are fine — are false — by an order […]

NatGeo gets it wrong on Carbon Spherules and Nanodiamonds

Don’t get me wrong from the headline. I love National Geographic. I have received an issue every month of my entire life. But the reporter here, John Roach, made a critical mistake in his otherwise largely accurate report regarding Scott and Pinter’s work.

Here is what he says:

What’s […]


Fungi, Feces Show Comet Didn’t Kill Ice Age Mammals?

Image courtesy AGU John Roach for National Geographic News Published June 22, 2010


What About the Nanodiamonds?

In fact, most experts acknowledge that carbon spherules are found throughout the geological record, including biological forms associated with wildfires, said […]

Tusk Scrambled: Low probability, high consequence

You might have noted a few, ahem, changes in the format of the Tusk. Due to operator error it was off-air for 14 hours and the columns and widgets have been scrambled. And surely worst, the David-Morrison-has-not-answered-to Bill-Napier countdown widget is missing! I do believe I have the vapors.

Hang tough. We […]

Pinter and Scott's Cheap Shot blows by diamonds in rush to undermine ET heresy

I’ve now had a quick read of the Pinter and Scott paper. They agree with a lot of what the YD team has published previously regarding carbon spherules, principally that Carbon Spherules of some type can occur in ordinary, modern forest fires – but unfortunately they do not tell us they are […]

Breaking: Dirt balls -- not diamonds?

(Press Release, Royal Holloway, University of London) — A team of scientists – led by Professor Andrew C Scott of the Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway, University of London – have revealed that neither comet nor catastrophe were the cause for abrupt climate change […]

Younger Dryas Impact debate rocking to and fro' in PNAS

Vance Haynes on the Clovis Comet in PNAS

Firestone West and Bunch re Hanyes


THREEPEAT!: Jupiter takes third hit in two decades; second in a year

Astronomers around the world are shocked — shocked! — to once again witness a world busting impact on Jupiter. Regular readers of the Tusk know better. Notwithstanding patronizing dismissals urging us all to “move along, nothing to see here,” we know that the solar system is […]