Good god!! Is this the other Tusk?

The Thunderstorm Generator

Cosmic Summit

Marc Young: The world's first Cosmoarchaeologist

The Cosmic Summit is only three weeks, three days, away. I’m busy ordering lanyards, making the program attractive, finding good vendors, and all manner of things I am unqualified to do. But I am also looking forward to meeting longtime digital friends in person, like Marc Young, of Adelaide, Australia. We collaborated years ago on The Bib and many, many projects before and since. I have…
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It's a wrap: Cosmic Summit 2023

Disclosure at the Summit

Cosmic SummitTusk TV

Cosmic Summit speaker videos

With the Cosmic Summit close to a month away, I thought it would be fun to post a bit about a speaker or two. Dr. Andrew MT Moore and Ben van Kerkwyk are first up. Ben has been the tour leader for my trips to Egypt and recently Turkey. He is also an extraordinarily skilled YouTube science and data communicator. His three recent videos on scans he inspired of ‘pre-dynastic’ Egyptian…
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Video Round-up and the Foxhole

It's a wrap: Cosmic Summit 2023