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Video Round-up and the Foxhole

There is so much excellent content coming out from Cosmic Summit 2024 speakers it is hard to keep up. See below for some wonderful new work from these Tusk buddies — and my new podcast The Foxhole.

Jahannah James runs down the plasmoid technology

The Comprehensive and Well-curated Plasmoid Playlist

Snakes give an invaluable detailed walk-through of the new Comet Research Group papers

And a superb deep dive into Gobekli Tepe from our trip this spring

Ben Van Kerkwyk and the astonishing data for the precision of predynastic Egyptian stone vases

Scott Wolter, the Catastrophe, and The Templars


Luke Caverns unravels the ancient mysteries in epic podcast with Danny “The Man” Jones

And finally, we’ve added a podcast to the Cosmic Summit media swarm: The Foxhole /with George Howard!

Stay tuned!!!

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